Agnar Bragason

Agnar Bragason is 57 years old and from Reykjavik, Iceland. He currently works as the manager of Batahús for men. Agnar has been to prison multiple times, but he stopped using twelve years ago and has been clean ever since. He has been working with prisoners for the better part of these years. Agnar worked as an addiction therapist in Krýsuvík for about 2 and a half years and has a diploma from the European Certification Board as an Alcohol & Drug counselor.

In 2018 he started working as a consultant in a group for the Icelandic government on a project to help reform ex prisoners and change the way people who have been to prisons are treated after they´ve served their sentences. This, among other projects, led to the founding of Batahús(Recovery house) in January 2021. Batahús is a house where people with addiction a mental issues can come and live for up to two years. Agnar has been managing Batahús for men since the beginning.

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