Amanda Francis

Amanda was first introduced to Intentional Peer Support when she was working as a young person of colour peer support group facilitator during the pandemic and was lucky enough to be core-trained in 2020. Amanda began working with the IPS central team shortly after and has recently become a trainer in 2022. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, raised in Toronto, Canada, and living in Manchester, England. Amanda loves to meet and connect with people from all intersectional paths and diverse cultures.

IPS resonates with her so deeply as she often reflects on what communities of colour and young people need and finds that IPS meets their need for mutuality, connection, and collectivism better than any clinical service she has witnessed or engaged with. If it’s not evident already, Amanda is most passionate about accessible and culturally applicable mental health and peer support for the global majority, race and gender discourse, sustainable fashion, and intersectional environmentalism.

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