Svava Arnardóttir

Fanney, Sigurborg and Svava are activists fighting for social change in the mental health sphere and have all worked in NGOs relating to mental health. They co-wrote a book “Boðaföll” about alternative approaches to suicidality and self harm with three other. They are people with lived experience of distress and survivors of psychiatry.

Fanney is pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing. Her hobbies include literature, film, nature hikes and traveling into alternate universes in her mind. Sigurborg is an occupational therapist, is enthusiast about slow living and good coffee.  She enjoy using dancing and nature to explore emotions. Svava recently became a solo mother by choice, is an occupational therapist and is taking an MA in disability studies. She enjoys walks in the woods, zumba and house plants, among others.

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